Thursday, October 03, 2013

Working me ;-)

Hello again ... just dropping by again to tell the world that i started another part time job ... well this time, it's in Multicultural Section of Shizuoka City Hall... it was an exciting day for me... desk work is not that hard... well, at least for now :P ...  and all staff were so nice especially my facilitator, Kudou san ... she gave me a love letter note after work saying thanks for today's hard work ... was so thoughtful of her <3 nbsp="" p="">
Thanks to my dear friend Amie for visiting me today at the office... she did treat me for lunch ... the nasu oroshi soba was really great!  'was really a lucky day for me ... i thought ... 

... but unfortunately ... not all lucky coz after work, when i got my bicycle from the bicycle parking ... i found out that my tire was flat! ... so i needed to walk from City Hall back to my home ... 
however, it turned out to be a good walking exercise then while viewing the autumn afternoon sky ... was so lovely <3 nbsp="">

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  1. Welcome back ! Keep on blogging no matter how busy you are xx