Sunday, October 20, 2013

Japanese Persimmons Picking Time!

It's autumn ... season of Japanese persimmons or kaki ! 
My friend Neri and kuya Harada have kaki trees in their compound... and every year they're inviting friends to help them harvest the fruits and of course they give them all away to whoever helped them... heheh ...
I guess it's 3 years ago or more since the last time i helped harvesting kaki with friends ... and yesterday... i had this chance again to do kaki picking.  My friend Amie wanted to experience kaki picking and i recommended Neri's place.  Amie phoned Neri that we will go to her place then Ann joined us ... too bad Liza missed this fun coz i know she loves kaki as much as Amie and Ann love it ;-) 

↑Juan Tamad (Lazy Juan) version ^^

↑Kaki are sweet <3 p="">

 We shared this to all our family friends :) 

Thanks to Kuya Harada, Neri and family ... we had a great time yesterday and they're inviting us to help harvest their kiwi next time ... looking forward to it ;-) 

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