Thursday, February 05, 2015

Unexpected Mondate!

Finally ... i had a chance to go out dating with one of my long lost BFF --- Lolit !
I was busy organizing the house when Lolit phoned me after lunch saying that she was available to see me that Monday ... February 2 ... So we decided to meet in the afternoon in Akihabara Station which is near to our house here in Tokyo.  So even i am busy ... i ignored what i was doing and hurried up to see her.  

We actually met twice here in Japan thru JCOB's big event ...  but it was always a quick hugging and greetings only ... it's our first time to have a moment date... after 26 years !  We're really happy to our reunion ... what to be expect??? ... girls talk  ... never ending kumustahan and recalling the past and testimonials lol.
The moment we start talking about our presents lives ... awww i have no hesitations ... she's really my big sis that i used to open and tell her everything ... she's always there to listen and have a big heart to understand... and most of all she's still the cheerful lady i know.  
Well, i did same to her too (of course!) we did pamper each other ... hahah!
Ohhh what a life we have struggled since on our 20's... and come to think of them... we are thanking God that we are always blessed somehow up to now.  

Lolit and I are also wishing to have a reunion with our group of friends way back then -- like Maryann,Tet, Christy, Marivic, Lina ... we all been separated when everyone started going and working on different places and countries ... thanks to Facebook especially to Maryann for reuniting us all.

I will never forget those days we had on our 20's ... that's one of the most memorable part of my life ... those were the times we really started to grow and became stronger and i am happy to see everyone successful in their lives.

and Lolit ... thanks for the precious moment date and your wonderful present, the cardigan  ... i hope to see you again here in Tokyo xxx


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