Thursday, February 05, 2015

Life in Tokyo

It's a good thing that my daughter Sachan is near to her home town Shizuoka this time.
From Niigata ... she got her new job in Chiyoda, Tokyo so here we areee ... moving time!  
 Last Friday of January ... It was snowing in Tokyo ...
We started moving in Tokyo!

organizing all the stuff 

Monster's balancing game

Ganbatte mama!

Connecting TV set
 Done with the room light! 

Feeling better with new carpet ... haizzz :)

Our first breakfast -- easy one!

Collection--- Bowing to Harley Davidson Motorcycles!

Sachan got limited magnet letters and she said to use them to form some words or sentence i can think of ... lol  

 Our keys! 

Our room is way up there!

feeling so gooood

  I likeTokyo because it's really a very interesting city ... but personally i don't think i want to live here for keeps ...  it's a busy city for aging woman like me lol ... i prepare the quiet and simple life like in rural areas xx

3 days after...  done ... and down!

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