Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My long Sunday!

I am actually missing the Sunday service of JCOB Shizuoka ... seems i have no chance to attend this January.  My weekend is full of activities ... and seems it will continue till February ... but i am enjoying it anyway ... good to be busy for a cause. 

So here's the activities...

Ryunan Culture Promotion Association's "もっとアジアを知ろう" (Know more about Asia) ---
featuring Philippine Culture and Cooking Class held in Nishina Learning Center.

Cooking time! 

This was Amie, Liza, Precy and your's truly's  Philippine dish presented in the class.

After the lecture... 
Thanks to Nagano san's hardwork for the DVD ... it's a compiled vid of our activities we did together in the Philippines in connection of World Zoo Art Exhibit event.  
with Mochizuki san and Nagano san ...

After the Philippine culture class ... Our friend Susuki san, owner of Maganda House Home-for-the-Aged invited us to his place to see his class on care giving.

 Foreigners mostly Filipinos studying care-giving.
If there is anyone from Shizuoka who have interest to study ... please contact us!

After the visitation ... it's our private time!


It was really a long day ... and at night ... we proceed to our NAKAMA group's SHINENKAI.
At long last natuloy din!
Thanks to all who was able to come! 
It was a simple gathering in TENGU Japanese restaurant but we all had fun!
Cheers to all! これからも仲良く頑張りましょう!

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