Monday, January 26, 2015

Multicultural Fair in Shizuoka Markis

The 2nd Multicultural Fair of Shizuoka Prefecture was held last 24th of January in Shizuoka Markis.  

Cheers to my NAKAMA group ... we had better presentation this time compare to what we did in Hamamatsu!!!

Another best thing that happen to me that day was the non- expected meeting 
with Arakawa sensei and family ... yaaay ... i missed them a lot ... they were shopping in Markis that afternoon and they happened to passed by at the event ... Shizuoka is really too small!
What surprised me more was that Sosuke kun is no longer a baby ... hahah... this mean that there were so many things i missed in 5 years ... and congrats to the family again ... they have additional cute 4 months baby boy in the family.  How i wish i could really visit them this spring ... I missed our bondings like in Italy, Nanako's wedding and most of all i damn missed them a lot.  They are one of those friends i will never trade to anyone!  It's really right that true friendship continues to grow even over the longest distance.

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