Thursday, January 22, 2015

More Power Shimizu Nihongo Kouryuu no Kai!

Congratulation to the successful celebration of Shimizu Nihongo Kouryuu no Kai 25th anniversary.
The celebration was held in Granship Kouryuu Hall last January 18th, Sunday.

The last time the association invited our group to perform was their 20th anniversary event.  In behalf of Philippine NAKAMA group ... it was a great honour for us to be a part again of their  anniversary and this time ... it was really a big gorgeous event.
Thanks to the whole staff especially to chairman, Yoshida Sensei for always believing in our group.  Thanks a lot for the wonderful reception, for the great presentations and delicious meal.

It's nice to see familiar faces!

Five years ago (20th anniversary event) ... this girl performed ´╝│amba as a cute lil girl ...
 this time, she turned out to be a gorgeous lady.  How fast time flies! 

list of performers

Requested folkdance ... Philippine bamboo dance

Shizu chan ... our ever smart talented performer

After the performance, we did have an audience participation for them to experience the dance step with the bamboo and it turned out to be so popular to everyone.

The 10 languages of "When your happy and you know" by the foreign students

The staff of Shimizu Nihongo Koryu no Kai

Hoping that the association will invite us again on the 30th anniversary event.
I wish by that time i am fully graduate already from bamboo dance ... i just want to be a manager only ... lol :P

By the way ... with regards to our performance this time ... we are sighted by dental association to perform to their event on June ... wooow ... i think it's our lil star Shizu chan's OKAGE!
Maybe next time ... i need to produce some folk dance consisting of kids ... oh well calling Angel dear... we have new work to do!!!  :) 

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