Monday, January 05, 2015

Shiraito Falls in Winter

Finally... last Saturday, i got a chance to have a family date with Dang and uncle Jo!
Papie drove us to the most popular sightseeing spot in Fujinomiya,  the Shiraito Falls.  It's Dang's first time to visit the place and she was impressed to the site.
Actually, Shiraito Falls is one of the sacred cultural site of Fuji.  It was also listed in World Heritage on 2013.  
Mt. Fuji view in Shiraito Falls

 Otodome Falls ...  from here, 5 minutes walk to Shiraito Falls

Shiraito Falls


Shiraito Waterfall (白糸の滝, shiraitonotaki) is in Shizuoka prefecture, located west side of Mt.Fuji. Shiraito Waterfall is about 60ft. height and 600ft. width. There are hundreds of small waterfalls and each of them look like a silk line. Shiraito means Silk thread. Water is coming from the ice of Mt. Fuji. In 1936, this waterfall is chosen a natural monument, and in 1990, it is chosen one of 100 best waterfalls in Japan.

There are many souvenir shop around Shiratori Falls

This one was my omiage... uninori (sea urchin seaweeds)!!!  


 After our visit to Fujinomiya ... we all had dinner steak together in SAWAYAKA.  
It's New Year vacation ... seems everyone at this time had enough New Year's meal prepared at home ... so everyone wants to go out to have meal outside.
So expect how fully pack all the restaurant are!  We waited for about an hour and a half just to have our dinner.  But our long wait was worth ... were all satisfied to what we had. 

After our dinner ... Dang and I had coffee date with Joy in Komeda.  
Our private night out :P 

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