Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Moving to Tokyo!

Sachan's new adventure in life is starting ... 
from Niigata City ... she will be moving to Tokyo this time.  
We visited her new found pad last Sunday.. ummm not bad ... it's near to her job in Chiyoda and well, not too far to her fav Disney Resort ;)
I will be staying with her in Tokyo on last days of January and maybe up to February to help her out on organizing her new pad.  Yaaay... i am also excited :D

The historical Ninyo-cho in Tokyo where the real state office is located.

It was a long Sunday ... after the long checking of rooms and dealing with the real states  ... we stayed in Odaiba at Hotel Nikko ... our home sweet home lol ... 'been a long time we never stay there.
The next day was holiday ... so we had the chance roaming around, shopping, dining and playing around.   

I always visit Odaiba lately but I always missed the full-size Gundam statue in Diver's City...
I also missed it when Gundam was exhibited in Shizuoka City about 4 years ago.
Yatta! this time ... nakita din kita!!!  Got yah! 
Gundam's back view ... so cool.

We also visited the  the Sony Explora Science...
Science Museum of lights, sounds and entertainment in Odaiba.

Loook ... i got 9th place in "Smile Best Eleven"
Smile is the cutiest thing i can wear ...
i love to smile always so this one was pretty natural for me :) 

Sachan's smile VS Mel' smile

She defeated me only at first but the rest 3 tries ... i got better score than her ...
I can't believe it ... i defeated everyone's fav... the Sachan's smile ... looool !

At hotel Nikko Tokyo

What happen?  Why am i serious here lol??? 

peek a booo???

lovely night view from the hotel.

Date with Papie and Sachan .... our coffee time ... our parting time ... 

See u soon Sachan dear! 

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