Thursday, December 17, 2015

My new travel companion ;-)

Finally,  this 2 way camo bag is mine! 

I already fell in love with this bag when i saw it for the first time in Osada last summer ... 
I did not buy it that time coz i thought i still never need it ... but last autumn i needed a bigger rucksack for travel and i remember this Anello bag ... i went to Apita Osada ... but unfortunately it was not available anymore.   In other words, it was sold out coz  it became popular when it was introduced in one of tv program.  

Yesterday... when i was in Apita ... i tried to window shop in Osada again ... and i was overwhelming to see my type bag on display again!  I did not have any second thought this time ... because i know i can use it in my travels n'way :)  
... i bought it as a treat for myself for my hardwork lately ... yaaay thank u Lord for being my provider always ... now I am ready to travel again ;-) 

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