Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Unique sounds of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

My dear daughter gave me a ticket of Tokyo Ska Paradice Orchestra's concert tour in Shizuoka  ... truth is i dunno this group (generation gap?!! lol) but she said to watch them and i will surely enjoy them. 

Well, i believe her taste in music ... so i went tonight and i did enjoy the concert ... what a powerful group!!!  ... all around in performances, not only ska but jazz and even rock too ... they can also sing and perform like comedians as well. They are really terrific ... it was a cool and entertaining concert!
 Thank you again precious ;-) 

 Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, commonly abbreviated by fans as Skapara or TSPO, is a Japanese ska and jazz band officially formed in 1988 by the percussionist Asa-Chang, and initially composed of over 10 veterans of Tokyo's underground scene.

Burn out the dream that came true 

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