Monday, April 02, 2007

HANAMI Picnic at Sumpu Park

Yesterday was blessed with a very fine day and the sakura flowers are in full bloom! A perfect day to have a picnic under the cherry blossoms tree. Yes folks... at long last, the HANAMI picnic in Sumpu Park of the Philippine NAKAMA group was held yesterday. The picnic is supposed to be held last week but due to rains, it was held yesterday.
We're happy that there were almost 70 members, families and friends joined the picnic. We were worried that there might be a shortage of foods but fortunately... everything were fine and enough!
Thanks to the wonderful prayers and inspiring Christian songs shared by uncle Jo and Belinda.
We also had bingo games this time that added attractions to the picnic. Liza did a good job!
To make the story short... we had a great spring gathering again this year! CLICK HERE for more photos!

The early birdies
I am just wondering why the sakura flowers in Sumpu Park are almost white this year. Those were actually pink over the past years?! Family and friends are hidden treasures,
seek them and enjoy their riches. Hope you join us all again next year!

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