Monday, April 23, 2007

My two weeks in Niigata City

OHISASHIBURI! I am back to Shizuoka from my two weeks stay with my daughter in Niigata City. Eh bakit nga ba ako napadpad don? Well... actually, this April school year, my daughter started attending dental school in Niigata City. Yap... my daughter is now living away from us... probably for 6 years or more... and she had just started her new life in Niigata City.
Two weeks ago, that was April 10, our family went to Niigata City. We stayed first in Okura Hotel. Our first day was terribly hectic. We went shopping some stuff needed to my daughter's new home... actually, it is only a single room.
Scene from our hotel room... the bridge to station
Hotel Okura in Niigata
Tokyo Interior Furniture Shop
On the next day, April 11, my husband and I attended the university entrance ceremony of our daughter. After the event, my husband went back to Shizuoka already... of course... he needs to work... while I was left behind to temporarily accompany, help and support my daughter's new life.
Preparing for the entrance ceremony
Woooh... on my first three days of stay at my daughter's home, I was too busy shopping and arranging her room... and finally on my fifth day of stay... the room turned out to be a cute girl's room... well, in fairness... with my daughter's help (from time-to-time, huh!). My daughter's color motif to her room are yellow and pink while her appliances are black and white. Nice taste!
The rest days of my stay was HIMA... 'nothing to do! So I began exploring around the city mostly by bus while on near places was by bike.
Rainbow Tower at Mandai City

Love La Mandai

Hello Mc... tired from work?

Niigata rice and sake are some popular food and drinks in Niigata... but do you know that the green soybeans or EDAMAME is also a pride of Niigata? Ohhh yeah... it's so sweet!

Our first dinner at home... simple and easy healthy meal!

Lately, Sachan is collecting this Anna Sui's stuff... definitely 'not from her allowances but from her friends and relatives presents!On the way to Niigata Station...On the way to Sachan's school and home...

Omoshiroi Jinja in Aoba with multiple TORII- a Japanese traditional gate to Shrine

My two weeks stay in Niigata City was so far... so good. I think, Niigata Jin are kind and with discipline while the place is quite comfortable to live in. I've noticed that they don't use bicycle too much... not like here in Shizuoka. They usually use the bus or car when going out. I suppose it is also more convenient if you have a car because the city seems to have a large area that almost all the shops or malls are distance away.

Hakusan Shrine Some stall inside the Shrine

Hakusan Shrine Park

Hakusan Park

The sakura is in full bloom... it's gourgeous!

How sweet...

City Stadium

A symbolic tree in front of Niigata City Hall.

Niigata City Catholic ChurchI met Ms. Kikuchi san, a friendly staff of the church. She introduced to me our Pinoy kababayan priest... Fr. Freddie! Nihon Kai TowerFrom the tower over-looking the City of Niigata It's a revolving tower... there is a coffee shop inside, so I had a cup of coffee while enjoying the view... but... oh geeh... I felt dizzy !The blue sea of Japan I went biking in Sekiya coast... and here's what I found out... a lovely sunset!The sunset from Sekiya coastA crucifix or an UFO?! On the back ground is the Azumaya in Sekiya coastOne of the Furumachi MallOne of the MEIKUN team character at Manga Street in Furumachi Mall The Niigata strawberry... it's sweet! My 3rd round coffee while waiting for Sachan in Nikko Hotel lobby during their school welcome party for freshmen students last Friday.
Sachan's new personal computer... vista version!Niigata City Aquarium... Marine Pia Nihon Kai The dolphin show time!They are so adorable! ... very smart!
The cute penguins!Nimo's relatives!Gokoku Jinja... Shinto shrine 'gonna miss this room!Time to go home... on the way to the station...

One of Niigata Station's OBENTO. On the way to Tokyo thru Joetsu bullet train...

I recommend this omiage!

Now I'm back home... back to my usual life... back to work ... but I'm missing my daughter... I hope she's feeling the same way f^-^; Anyway... she'll be home on Saturday to spent her Golden Week vacation with us! Yippie... 0(^-^)0

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