Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Congrats to JOB's 1st Anniversary!

Lately, I had a hard time entering to my blog ! I am able to get into my account but not my blogger! I don't even understand how I get in now... ???
Well, anyway... the Golden Week have just started! GW is actually a collection of holidays in one week... and it started last Sunday. Starting this year, April 29 will be the celebration of SHOWA NO HI or Showa Day. It is actually the birthday of the former Emperor Showa of Japan. April 29 was used to be called as MIDORI NO HI or Greenery Day. Instead, starting this year, Greenery Day will be celebrated on May 4 which was used to be the Citizen's Day.
Well... well... well... as for me, my personal Golden Week started last Saturday because I am off from work already! Besides... my daughter from Niigata City arrived home for her GW vacation. My hubs and I together with Okaasan picked her up to Shizuoka Station. Then, last weekend and holiday, we went strolling and dating for lunch and dinner around the city restaurant.
Last Sunday, I also attended the 1st anniversary of Jesus Our Banner or simply JOB, Shizuoka Church branch held at Matterhorn, downtown. It was a blessing to be invited and joined the event. It started late as to be expected but it turned out to be a successful event. It was attended by their sis and brod from Numazu, Fuji, Yaizu, Shizuoka City (obviously!) and all the way from Tokyo.
The prayers and sharings including Dang and Mona's were touching , everyone were warm, and the lectures from Pastor Umali and Pastor Abner were compelling. One more thing that surprised me was the band of uncle JO together with his Hitachi trainees buddies. They did good... keep up the good work guys! To sum it all... everyone really did a good "JOB"!
Pastor Umali from TokyoThe lively gospel songs.
Happy birthday to Pastor Abner of Numazu.
The children dance number together with their "Sis" were cute!
Guys... more power! ... as for today, I am back to work, then tomorrow... I might have a date with my daughter ...and on the next day... even it's a Constitution Memorial Day on May 3, I am sched to work in the morning. After that... I'm free again... and what I am looking forward is my date with my family in Tokyo Disney Sea and Disney Land! It's been a while since we went there... so, OTANOSHIMINI!!!

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