Saturday, May 26, 2007

International Festival in Keyaki 2007

Hey buddies! Today is the day of Shizuoka Fm-Hi! International Fest in Keyaki. Another busy day for Philippine NAKAMA group because we also participated to this event. We did perform some folk dances and songs. We also had a food stall wherein we sold some Philippine snacks! Fortunately... our goods were all sold out! Huraaay!
Our booth... Welcome!
The Philippine NAKAMA performers
Otsukaresama deshita!
For more photos... CLICK HERE!
I would like to extend my personal deepest thanks to all Philippine NAKAMA members and friends who cooperated and supported this event. Thank you guys... You're the best!
Hope you all had fun and got wonderful memories like me! Looking forward to our GOKOROSAMA KAI! But before that... we are all invited to the birthday party of Nerrisa's son next Sunday... TANOSHIMINI!
Bye for now! Mhwaaah!

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