Sunday, May 20, 2007

Folk Dance Rehearsal in the park!

It's too hot today... but the heat did not stop our Philippine NAKAMA group to have our last day folk dances rehearsal at the park near Liza's place. Actually, we are 8 members to dance but one of our member got some personal problems... so she decided not to join the dance anymore. Well... anything can happen and we need to understand each and everyone... so... to our buddy, hang tough to your problems and never give up! If there is anything we can do... count on us! p(^-^)q
It's disappointing that we missed one of our co-members but ... still...'guess we are lucky! Yeah... our former choreographer Amie heard that we need some help so she decided to join the dance... but only in bamboo dance. Well... that's fine... the more participants we have... the merrier!
By the way, we are going to dance the Bulaklakan (flower dance) and Tinikling (bamboo dance). We had a hard practice today but thanks be to God... it's done already! Our group next meeting will be on the main presentation already... that is 6 days from now! I hope we still remember the steps on the main event!!! ngeeeh!
So watch for it guys... it's on May 26, Saturday at Shizuoka FM Hi! International Festival in Keyaki. Our dance sched is around 5:00-5:30... hope to see you all there!