Monday, September 24, 2007

Busy world!

Ano ba yan?! We're almost in the end of September and we're supposed to be in autumn season ... yet we seems to be in the mid of summer!!! The global warming can probably explain that ! Anyway... good for me to have time to update my blog for this month. Ever since I arrived home from the Philippines... it seems my days always keeping me busy. Well... to start with... since Sachan went back to Niigata City on the last day of August... I've just felt that really our summer vacations were over! Back to everyday routine of work.
Farewell scene...
Sachan is inside the shinkansen while papie and mamie's reflection on the outside.
What made my days sort different was because of some event I am attending and activities I am involving in with our group--- the Phil NAKAMA. To start with was the time when Sarah transferred home near our place. She needs help and support from us... so we lend a hand on her although I can't say that I did enough!
Then comes the 7th birthday celebration of Yuta and Maika held at the garage area of our home last September 8. We had yakiniku party with some dishes brought by friends. We celebrated the event with satisfaction! I hope the celebrants feel the same way too!

Myka before blowing her cake.

Yuta after blowing his cake.

The next day... I am very thankful that we successfully celebrated the Phil NAKAMA's 6th anniversary which was held last September 9, Sunday in Coupole Kaikan in Shizuoka City.

CLiCk HeRe FoR mOrE pHoTos.

I am thankful to Liza as our past President for her determination in fulfilling her task for two consecutive years. She really made it more than what I expected (^3^)* Hontoni gokorosamadeshita and welcome as a member of the advisory council of the group! Hey... you are not yet through annnooo!!! Akala mo ligtas ka na...?!!! One to sawa daw 'yan... hoh hoh hoh!
On the other hand, I would like to congratulate uncle Jo as our present President! I have faith on him as a leader especially that his supportive first lady--- Dang is around.
Besides... the success of our group will always depend on the cooperation, support and dedication of each members... so, you are not alone uncle Jo! That's the reason our group reach our 6th years and hopefully we gonna last for more p(^-^)q
So... all the credit goes to the whole group having unity and voluntering as a team! Many thanks to all of us and happy great 6th anniversary!!!

With my x-kids Myka & Rei ... with mom Cecil!

Here's our first event under kuya Jo's administration... the World Music Festival 2007 held in Shichikencho, Aoi District. This one is quite hectic for this was held in two days--- September 15 (Sat) and 16 (Sun).

CLiCk HeRe fOr MoRe PhOtOs

Our group represent the Philippines on the said international event. We performed folk dances on the 15th and we had a booth of Pinoy foods and snacks on Saturday and Sunday. We had pansit bihon by Dang, biko by Sarah and pork babeque by Liza. They're all yummy--- no wonder they're all sold out! Quite an interesting and enjoyable experience.
Well... there will be more events to come... look forward to it!

Keep smiling everyday ... and God bless! Chao (^-^)/*

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