Sunday, September 30, 2007

Philippine delicacies on sale!

It was raining since yesterday! It feels great to sleep especially we're on weekend days! But nope... our Phil NAKAMA group had a sched to attend. It was a rain or shine affair!
Through Masui san's (EGG staff) invitation, we participated this morning the Shintori Elementary School Bazaar to sells some Filipino food stuffs.
Here's the school ground... it's wet!
Fortunately, there were many members who volunteered to cooked foods to sell and attended the event to help the Philippine booth. We also enjoyed the bazaar. I bought some stuffs... and really... everything were so cheap! Alam n'yo naman... kung hindi libre... mura ang one of my favorite philosophy!
bazaar addict... fanatic?!!!

Souvenir shot with Sakata san, PTA bazaar in-charge.

Hey... uncle Jo... we can't see you out there!↓

After the event... we had a gokorosama gathering at home!
Thank's to all... that was a great job inspite of the rain! Ahhh basta ako... I had a good time and pleasure selling our Filipino delicacies as well as the bazaar!!! o(^-^)o

Take care and play safe... catch you all asap!

cLiCk HeRe FoR mOrE pHoToS

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