Monday, October 08, 2007

Trip in Niigata City

Hello fellas! I've just arrived from my five pleasant days vacation to my daughter, Sachan in Niigata City. She actually had 3 days vacation from school that lasted today. Thanks to sports fest holidays! Well... Niigata is getting cold by now especially at night and in the morning. Sachan was very kind to lend me her parka but unfortunately, her stuff never fit me anymore no matter how I tried to (sigh)... so I was forced to buy my own parka.
After her school last Friday... we went shopping in Apita--Koshin. She kept on persuading me to buy the stuffs that strikes her fancy... like her boots and dresses! Pauto naman ako! Waaaah~aaah... it cost too much to have a daughter!
Sachan invited me for furikura---print club stickeres!
The next day... she invited me to go to Bandai City. Doshite mo, she wants to go to hair salon to cut her hair and straight it up again... goodness, I waited almost 5 hours! I went window shopping alone but again... it cost me a lot! I decided to wait at Food Plaza for the rest of the remaining hours... but it's very tiresome!
Rainbow Tower
Strolling along Bandai Bridge
Her hair style before ...Ann Hair Salon↓
Sunday... we went to Niigata Furusato Mura by water shuttle! It's about 50 minutes one way trip from Toki Messe. It was cloudy when we travelled but it became sunny on our way back.
From Toki Messe port......we passed Bandai Bridge...chasing birdsWelcome...The Niigata Furusato Mura gardenFlowers in autumnInside the Bazaar Hall↓Some souvenirsSasa dango (rice dumpling in bamboo leaf) makingNiigata Koshihikari RamenIt's really good!NATSUKASHII... according to Sachan!Getting to know more about Niigata...OmikoshiFurusato ParkAt the background is the Furusato folk houses My garden...The bazaar Hall↓The Attraction Hall↓Time to go home...again... by ferry boatFurusato Mura's pork bbque...Furusato Mura's toothpick!?

Anastasia ferry boat!

Happy sailing... Again... it's us... some souvenir shots from FURIKURA!We soon rushed back home to watched the sunset at the beach. We were barely in time! It was really fantastic!

Sunset Evening red sky Beneath the clouds seems to have UFO ... and eeehhh...eeehhhh... the alien is around! ↓

Sachieee and momieee

Bye bye time...
Watch out! Spider man is also roaming in Niigata Station!A diverman at Sachan's cocoa cup!? Now... I'm back here in Shizuoka. I'll be visiting Niigata City again on November with papie! Something to look forward to heh... Sachan!


  1. hi mel,nakakatuwa naman ang bonding nyo ni sachang...nanaliw kami sa furikura ninyo lalo na si emil....yung sa ice cream and yung sinasakal kayo ng kamay...c emil panay ang tanong kung bakit ganon.!ang daldal...!maganda din pala ang niigata...regards.