Saturday, October 13, 2007

Autumn fruit--- Kaki

Last Friday, while having lunch with some friends--- Annalyn, Nerissa and Emi... Nerissa mentioned that their Kaki trees that bears fruits are ready to harvest. The fruits are almost ripe and the birds are only eating them. So... she invited us to harvest it together.
Fortunately, I got time this afternoon so I went to Nerissa's place. I picked up Ajie to their home too. Analyn with her kids was already waiting for us... then we did harvest together the kaki fruit or known as Japanese persimmons at their yard. Sarah joined us later after the harvest time.
They even climb the tree to harvest! Ganbatte girls!!! Harvesting is fun!Kaki are crisp and sweets

Strange shape↓

We did harvest almost all the kaki fruits... too bad for the birds, they will surely be upset coz we took their foods! We harvested about 2 big baskets. Nerissa asked us to bring it all to our homes but it's too many so we decided to distribute it to some of our friends... so guys... wait for our kaki deliveries!

To Nerissa and family ittadakimashita! Next month... she said that we can harvest their kiwi tree's fruit already... mata yoroshiku! (^3^)mhwaaah!

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