Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Interact with the Shizuoka Governor

If I am not mistaken, it was the International Division of Shizuoka City that requested me to join the FUREAI TALK or forum on international relations of KENCHO or Shizuoka Prefecture Office regarding multicultural informations.
Since I am not good in refusing, I attended the forum which was held this morning at the conference room of Shizuoka Prefecture Office. We were 8 members invited and most of them were related to Brazil. Maybe it's because the Brazillian are on the first rank regarding foreign residents populations.
We had a great chance to meet the Shizuoka Governor, Mr. Yoshinobu Ishikawa. He is trully smart, friendly and warm. What impressed me more was his functuality. He came 5 minutes early to the schedule and he started the forum ahead of time sched. I was partly nervous not because the governor was around but for the fact that I am not prepared with my views and opinions! I was imagining a question and answer forum not an essay-like speeches! f^-^; Sooo I was forced to form and organize my opinions with my trying hard Japanese on the spot! Well... anyway, that's a good lesson for me... to be always prepared with my manuscript!!! After the forum... we had lunch together on top of the KENCHO building overlooking the Mt. Fuji and the Shizuoka area. We had a tasty Japanese-style lunch prepared from Nihon Daira Hotel! How's that ehh!

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