Monday, October 15, 2007

Hamada Festival 2007

Kuzuma san, one of the staff of Hamada Festival in Shimizu invited our Philippine NAKAMA group to present bamboo dance once again to their event. Actually, this is our 3rd year appearance. The event was held yesterday at Hamada Elementary School.
We always look forward appearing to this event because after our performances, we're enjoying their bazaar and other shows. Just too bad... I dropped-by late to the bazaar area this time so I wasn't able to buy some good stuff. Onother thing that we love to this event was that they prepare obento or packed lunch for us... not only for the performers but also to all our companies and not to mention our budget-- OREI desu... wooow! It's satisfying! Furthermore, what do count most were the kind reception they showed us. The staffs are trully friendly!
I would like to personally extend my sincere appreciation to all the members who made their efforts to support this event. MhWaAaAh!
The performances... Bulaklakan
...and Tinikling!with Mrs. Kusuma and some of our good friends from Shimizu FureaiThis is cool!

Believe it or not... we were all invited again to perform next year! Oh ohhh! Thanks for believing in us! Next year... motto ganbarimasu!

After the event in Hamada, we all proceeded to Maryann's home in Oshika to attend the birthday celebration of her son, Shiota and it was a bash! We did enjoyed the foods and the company of all other Phil NAKAMA friends who were present at that party. Thanks to Mr. Sugiyama and M'ann for the wonderful treat! After our lunch, we did held the meeting headed by uncle Jo in there. The general meeting will continue on November 11 at Analyn's home... and take note... that's my inaanak, Nao chan's birthday!

↓Happy 3rd birthday... Shiota!

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