Friday, September 28, 2007

Home-style Philippine Cooking

In behalf of the Phil NAKAMA group, I was invited by the Shimizu Kokusai Fureai Group to teach on how to cook adobo. Upon several meetings with the group in-charge, Yoshida san... I just found out that it is not only adobo that I am going to teach. They added to teach them Filipino soup and dessert too. So... I decided to teach them the shrimp with tamarind stew or sinigang na hipon and fruit salad.
I am thankful to Precy and Liza who volunteered to assist me around. So... we went together this morning to Shimizu Community Hall for the cooking lesson.
Home-style dishes...... chicken adobo, sinigang and fruit salad!
Good to say that Philippine cooking is simple and need no special skills... as a result, it turned out to be satisfactory.

MoRe PhOtOs? ClIcK hErE!

Thanks to all the group compliments... they loved all the dishes! Hey... we don't think they were just forced to say that!!! We hope... (^-^)d

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