Thursday, February 14, 2008

We will miss you...Lucky dear!

What a sad Sunday night... our family treasured dog, Lucky has passed away. She's gone not only because of her diabetis but maybe due to hemorrhage when she was terribly hurt in our veranda last Saturday night.
Our beloved Lucky joined our family when she was just a puppy and Sachan was in grade 4 that time. Actually, she was Sachan's dog and Sachan gave her name... "Lucky"... because when Lucky came to our family... Sachan felt she was lucky to have Lucky! Lucky thought that her father and mother is our papa! They're really very close and Lucky was always so extra sweet to him! I am just like an eldest sister to Lucky.
I actually don't like pets... but Lucky thought me how to love pets!
It has been only 4 days since she had been gone. Not having her around the house is dull and quiet. I miss her lovely face and waging tail and I miss her on everytime I eat... she was always standing beside me waiting for the food I will give or share with her. She was loving, loyal, smart, peaceful, behave and wonderful. My family had so many great years with her. During her younger years... she was a good frisby player and she loves water... shes good in swimming!
When she was diagnosed of diabetis about two years ago... she became so skinny but I admire her great effort to survive! I admit that maybe this is just right ... that she's not suffering anymore but it still really hurt! Maybe this will took time to get over but she will always be in our heart.
Our last family picture with Lucky taken last Xmas 2007We cremated Lucky and keep her at home... We're offering essence and her fav foods everyday. Bless you Lucky and hoping you are having a great time in heaven with Giigii and my nanay!
Thanks for the great 10 years! Thanks a lot for being a wonderful part of our family. We hope you watch over us for the rest of our life.
Sachan's goodbye kiss to Lucky on the day she went back to Niigata last January 8th! We can't imagine that this was their last meeting too!

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