Friday, February 01, 2008

Personal Computer Class starts

Some kababayan especially the new comers are suggesting to have a Personal Computer Class. Actually I've already experience organizing this activity with the Phil NAKAMA group on about three consecutive years. The last class we had was about 3 years ago if I am not mistaken. So... due to some of our group members demand, I decided to organize it again as an educational project of Philippine NAKAMA with Liza and I as incharge and Sato sensei with the Soho@ Shizuoka as our supporters. Well, thanks to the group leader, uncle Jo for the blessings to continue this project!
Fortunately, the class started this Wednesday, January 30th and will hopefully end up on April after their 10 times lessons.
Everyone in the class said that they enjoyed the first day of their class... that it's very interesting and they're looking forward to learning more about computer! This class is in Japanese! Dang, the leader of the class↓... She knows how to use computer but she also wants to gain knowledge in Japanese computer. MINASAN KORE KARA MO GANBATTE!

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