Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today I cooked another version of fried rice! There's a mentaiko (fish egg) left-over in our refrigerator... so I decided to cook it as in mentaiko chahan! Opppsss... nakatsamba na naman yata ako! It really tasted good! Well... the menu is just the same as in my kimchi chahan which I posted last week. Just browse it down ward↓
All I did is that I did not put any meat and kimchi (it's not kimchi chahan anyway!) to my fried rice. I just mixed all together the beaten eggs, steamed rice, garlic, scallions and of course... the main ingredient... the mentaiko! Then I only sprinkled some salt and pepper on it (or maybe you could add a little soysauce too) ... then presto... mentaiko chahan desu! I topped it with broccoli baby leaves and I tried nori too... they're both good!
Bon apettit!

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