Thursday, January 03, 2008

A New Year visit to kuya Ernie!

Here we are again... nilusob na naman ng Phil NAKAMA group ang Home KIZUNA to visit Kuya Ernie for New Year's greeting. Dang seems to be so touch when we visited kuya last Christmas... so she encouraged everyone of us to really visit him this year. Actually, we also promised kuya Ernie that we'll be back to him this New Year. We did not set any specific date... just biglaan visit lang! So...even I still have some things to do, I adjusted my sched in order to be with the group that will visit him. Mahirap na... kapapasok pa lang ng New Year... I should keep my promises.  Nope...that's not a resolution for me... but logical! (^-^)b
Kuya Ernie was so happy to see everyone especially Maria. Well, they were actually very close during those Elfin years! Sa madaling salita, marami silang pinagsamahan! Touch din kami sa kanilang crying scenes! The group headed by uncle Jo rendered some gospel songs for Kuya Ernie.Syempre di nagpahuli ang Power Rangers. They rendered some hilarious dances! The staff offered us some drinks and snacks... baligtad yata?! Well, according to them... everyone at HOME's were actually glad when someone visits them. ↓We've been friends for almost 20 years... and here we are now...nothing change except physically!!! hehehe! See you again kuya Ernie!

After our visitation... we went to Karaoke U-bou for the confirmation of our reservation room for Phil NAKAMA's Shinnenkai on Jan 6th. Dang and I already ordered some foods for the event.
Then, I invited Kuya Jo, Dang and Marissa to drop-by to Neri's home to get the kiwi fruits that she wants to share to the group. Since this is another promise not to be broken... hala... lusob na naman kami sa Hattori!
Neri and her husband gave us many kiwi that they harvest from their garden... and we shared it to other friends. It's not ripe yet but Mr. Harada taught us to mix an apple with the kiwis in order to ripen it and it will smells sweet too. Interesting uhhh!

To Neri and family... itsumo arigatou!

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