Monday, January 14, 2008


Winter vacation is over! School started last week already so Sachan went back to Niigata City. I was worried to Sachan's left-over kimchi which she left to our ref at home. So I attempted to cook some food related to it. I end up cooking Kimchi Chahan and whoeee... it turned out sooo tasty! How I wish Sachan have tasted it! Anyway, here's the picture of my original kimchi chahan with recipe and procedures on how I cooked it. I runned out of pork so I used sausage instead. I garnished it with NORI from Korea! Hoping Sachan will try to cook this one... she's trying to learn cooking anyway!
(Good for 3 people)
* 2 china bowl of steamed rice
*2 eggs
*half of negi (scallions), chopped
*1 cup of kimchi
*niku bara (pork plate) or sausage (bacon or spam also count)-- 150g, cut in small pieces
*minced garlic-- 1 teaspoon
*salt, pepper
*sesame oil-- 2 tablespoon
*nori (dried laver seaweeds)-- optional
Cooking procedures:
*Mix beaten eggs and rice together in a bowl. Set aside.
* Heat the fry pan. Add sesame oil.
*Add minced garlic, stir it fast for about 10 seconds
*Add the pork or sausage and stir until half cooked.
* Put them in a bowl and set aside for a while.
*Put in the used fry pan the beaten eggs and rice in the bowl. Stir constantly.
* Add the kimchi and negi. Then add the fried pork or sausage. Mix them all together throughly.
*Add pepper and salt.
* Serve it on a plate and garnish it with NORI!
Done! (^-^)d

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