Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Goodbye 2007, Hello 2008!

It's hard enough to believe that a year has already gone by. As I look back to the beginning of 2007, I'm really surprised at how much has happened in just a year.
2007 has been good and interesting for me like Sachan entered to University, I travelled and dated a lot, Japan adopted me-- actually, 'got my Japanese citizenship, I met old and new friends, I got additional works and not to forget... I stay healthy even I am gaining! There might be times that 2007 made my days so pressured with different activities and financially wise... my earnings was not in good flows! But still I am thankful that I always survived everything.
I'm looking forward to 2008 for another bright and fruitful years!
Well, as in Japanese traditions, we end up the years eating noodles called toshikoshi soba or buckwheat noodles for passing the year---Here's lola, my mom in-law eating toshikoshi soba↓
Many Japanese gather with their families on New Year's Eve to watch the Red and White Song Festival ( Kohaku uta gassen ) broadcast by the national television station, NHK. This year, I only watched the main event... the last part to be exact. The white team won!
I am also busy sending and replying mails and phone calls greetings. I also phoned to my family in the Philippines and it's surprising to hear that my sis Emily made Chicken Macaroni for New Year's eve! Sana hindi sumakit ang tiyan ng mga kumain! hehehe!!!
She sent me some photos thru emails about their New Year's eve happenings in the Philippines...↓here's the kids Emil and Kricel preparing their fireworks!

The next day... New Year's day, I woke up late already!
I prepared our traditional New Year's dishes and cooked Ozoni--
Our Osechi Ryouri with Ozoni soup↓Traditionally, our family gathered together to celebrate the New Year's day Akemashite Omedetou! Lucky enjoyed her New Year meal too!Sarah with Yuta dropped by at home to eat Ozoni and we handed in their Otoshidama too! By the way... thanks to Sarah's Menudo and Maja Blanca that she gave me this New Year's eve. It reminds me the Philippine taste of New Year! ↓To sum it up... I'd say that I totally spent my New Year at home as in NESHOGATSU, which literally translates as sleeping through the New Years. I spent my New Year's quietly sleeping and lying around the house. Partly, updating this blog and watching DVDs.
We scheduled to visit the shrine on Saturday, Jan 5.
Happy New Year everyone! May 2008 bring you great success, fun and peace (^-^)v

By the way... here's a treat for myself. Sachan downloaded some music from the internet and she needed a device like i-pod to save her musics so that we could connect it to my car and we can listen into it while driving. Well... I got interested to the idea so I was forced to buy this Sony walkman! No regret anyway... I can also save my fav photos and videos in it!

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