Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome to Tatay and Teddy to Japan!

Last Saturday, Feb 9th was supposed to be an exciting day for us because my Tatay and brother Ted is coming here from Philippines... but this day also turned out to be a dreadful day! It was raining and snowing on our (papie, lola and I) way to Nagoya Centrair International Airport to pick up Ted and Tatay... and at the mid of our driving in Tomei... all the cars were adviced to get off due to snow. It took us more than 3 hours to get off Tomei Hi-way!
My X-trail doesn't have any navigator or map so we had a hard time asking gas stations and convenience stores staffs about the way to Centrair Airport! We took risky ways... the ice roads! Wooow... that was the scary driving I had experience... knowing my tires doesn't have any chains too! But thanks to my X-trail... we were safe!
Tatay and Ted arrival time was 6:30 p.m. but we reached the airport at around 12:30 midnight. I rushed in the arrival sections and I found Tatay and Ted waiting in the lobby together with other foreigners waiting to be fetch up!
Lola-- my mom in law at the airport with Ted and Tatay freezing from cold!

Tatay... signs for peace... "I'm back", he said!Ted as he discovered that snow was real!

We rushed back to Shizuoka worrying for Lucky who was left alone at home! We reached Shizuoka at around 5:30 a.m.! It was so terrible to see Lucky slipped in our veranda! It seems she has been there for many hours ... and she was hurt very badly. Imagine... we been unexpectedly away from home for almost 15 hours! Poor lucky... I feel so guilty for her... we are truly sorry for her. We immedietly warmed and gave her medical treatment. She really tried a great effort to survive outside the very cold weather... but we really pity her... she already looked dying... and I can't stand it... sigh!
What a terrible day! N'way... Tatay... Ted... welcome to Japan!

---to be continued---

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