Thursday, May 08, 2008

Keeping at home during Golden Week

How's everyone's Golden Week?! Meeeh? Well... I just spent it roaming around Shizuoka with my family. We're supposed to go for a trip in Okinawa... that's according to pappie but Sachan had her tour in Fukushima with her school club mates so our family trip has been cancelled! On the other hand... that was partly favorable for paps coz during holiday season like this Golden Week, travelling anywhere cost too much... and yuuup, popular seight seeing and road conditions were also crowded!
Sachan came home last Sunday and stayed with us till Tuesday, the last day of GW. We spent our days dining out and window shopping... from Parco... then Parche... and around Marui .
↓Having lunch at KAITENZUSHI... a revolving sushi bar!Dining out at Thai restaurantGathering with Ate Sarah and Yuta!
The amusing news was... Sachan had finally decided to pierce her ears. She asked me to accompany her to a clinic in Miyuki-cho. The ear piercing was successful but the shots really hurts according to Sachan. She almost wanted to cry she said... but she seems happy for what she did. Another sign of growing up? Well... she's 19 now... she'll going to welcome her 20's with her ears pierced!
↓Sachan with her first pearl earring. She was ask to wear it for 2 months. That's quite long!See you on summer Sachan!Image of our family illustrated by SachanNow.. the GW of Japan was over and Sachan was back to her school town. We expect to see her again this summer. Hoping we can have our family travel somewhere on summer.

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