Friday, May 02, 2008

UTAWIT 2008 in Shizuoka

Wow... I am back! I was too busy trying to grab the deadlines of my work. I was also disturbed by Ted's health conditions. It seems his sickness became complicated! Hope and pray he get well soon! Hang tough brod! I am also impress to Sonny and Emily who takes care of Ted. I know it's tough... God bless you for all the wonderful thing you are doing for Ted! Let's keep cool and pray that everything would soon be back to normal. Don't forget... laughter is the best medicine!
Sooo... where are we... oooh yeah... I would like to share some info about the Pinoy's national singing competition here in Japan... the UTAWIT 2008. Actually, the UTAWIT 2008 regional qualifying rounds in Shizuoka was organized by Philippine NAKAMA Organization and it was held last Sunday, April 27 at Gofukucho Plaza bldg., Aoi District. It was well attended by members and visitors.
The event was partly sponsored by ABS-CBN and PNB. Kababayans from UTAWIT 2008 execom headed by Olive Akatsu, the chairwoman and Julius Santillian, the external vice chair with Beverly Nones and Mr. Uchida of Phil Embassy Labor Office and the representative from Land Bank, Atty. Andarino were all around to support the event.
Judges were Mr. Julius Of UTAWIT 2008, Mr. Arakawa and Mr. Kishibata, both appointed Japanese advisers of Phil NAKAMA. Six talented contestants competed ... and we have chosen the best three... namely Hiro as 3rd placer, Monaliza as 2nd placer and... Zinia who will represents Shizuoka region to the grand finals of UTAWIT 2008 in Tokyo on October 12,2008.
Congrats to all the contestants for joining the event and good luck to the winners! We are thankful to ABS-CBN who will shoulder the transportation fee of Zinia as Shizuoka representative to UTAWIT 2008 grand finals.

We are also looking forward to Mr. and Mrs. Ito... Zinia's parents who promised us for a micro bus or something that will bring us to Tokyo to support Zinia.
OTSUKARESAMA to all who had been a part of this event... and to all NAKAMA for the cooperations and efforts in making the event possible! Kudos!

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