Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rain or shine!

Hisashiburi! It was raining since yesterday. The Phil NAKAMA group were supposed to participate in FM-Hi! International Fest in Keyaki today selling Pinoy goods but the rain was too strong and we don't have any idea on what time it will stop so we all just decided not to join the event and instead we all gathered to my house to sell all the stuff we are supposed to sell. Well... it was surprising to see the cooperation showed by NAKAMA members. Inspite of rains... they all came to my house!
My home looks like as we are in bazaar gathering! Fortunately... all the cooked foods like pansit, puto,biko and maja blanka were sold out. Dry goods are too many so we never expect we can all sold it out though they're almost half sold out! Salamat talaga sa concern ng lahat! The weather went fine at noon but we never regret it anymore because our personal NAKAMA bazaar at home were successful! That's what we called... NAKAMA's power!
After our NAKAMA bazaar... I decided to drop by to kuya Ernie in St Joseph Home-for-the-Aged in Yahata to bring him some Pinoy foods from our bazaar. Upon hearing it... some members came with me headed by uncle Jo... we all drop a visit to kuya Ernie.
After the visit... we all separated our ways from my home.
I invited Lilia to come with me in FM Hi! International Fest event downtown coz I was asked by Nagata san to guest in radio live interview regarding the Philippine promotions and as a foreigner living in Shizuoka. That was fun experience!
Mochiron... we also visited SAME booth. Thailand and Indonesian friends were there selling their traditional goods. Miyamoto san was incharge that time... hontoni otsukaresama to her coz rain and shine... she was there!
Lilia and I happened to met a kababayan who teach some reggae stuff. We tried to be friendly with her but when Lilia tried to ask if she can volunteer to some of our event... she replied Lilia na binabayaran daw s'ya!!! Shocking but in fairness... naintriga kami sa word na binabayaran daw... so Lilia invited me to see her live performance on stage to see to it kung ano ang binabayaran sa kanya! hehehe!
While waiting to her performance on stage... we enjoyed watching young Japanese groups dancing reggae and mostly hip hop. Ooopppsss... now I am confused? I thought the theme of the event was reggae.
↓They're cool and good... young and fashionable too!

↓ ... di po sila pagod sa kakasayaw... patawa scene lang poooh!

It took time for our kababayan's turn to be on stage but Lilia and I kept on waiting. When her turn came in... well... she dance... as to be expected but not the expections of binabayaran lang ang performance n'ya! We encountered many kababayan who can dance... almost all our kababayan can dance... ano po! Pero iba rin yung marunong sa magaling! Lilia and I were so disappointed to her performance lalo na sa sumunod na tugtog n'ya na Dancing Queen! Ano yon?! Dance wise... very futsu po! Music wise... furui yata and out of theme... or maybe she just want to suggest to everyone that she is the dance queen on that event... ohhh! queen?! maybe I'll take that an excuse. Wala po s'yang kaagaw sa title coz she's the only obaachan na sumayaw doon... and the rest dancers na kasama n'ya are still prince and princess kasi!!! nyaaaak nyaaak nyaaak!
To be prank with her... mas marami pa kaming volunteer na kundi man ka-level n'ya ay mas magagaling pa sa kanya! Sorry talaga sa comment for her... maybe we just expect too much from her!

Till next blogging... babooo!

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