Monday, October 13, 2008

Anti-aging and dieting

Ang hirap talaga pagnagkakaedad... you'll become concious with your health, calories, your personal appearance, fats, aging face and yes... not to mention... you'll become worried to your remaining days here on earth too!(LOL)
One day, you'll find yourself na lang na kung ano-anong health goods, facial workouts and other anti-aging products ang makikita mong collection sa bahay mo!

Isa na po ako doon at lately... here are "my health boom"... ↓↑My rolling Shiatsu--finger massage. This one is my favorite... a reflexology!
Then, my face double roller for rolling cheeks, jaw and chin. This helps skin to prevent flabby or droopy looks.
I also have this massage balls... I put this balls in my back while I am lying... it feels good especially to my lower back!
Another treat from papie... Core Rhythm DVD! a dance fitness program of latin moves to lose weight!

Now... the question is... does it all work out? Well... it's not working too much for my weight but I feel healthy!

Lately... due to an influence of a Japanese diet program... Morning Banana Diet becomes popular here in Japan. They said that having a banana and room temperatured water for breakfast will help to lose weight regardless of what you eat for the rest of the day! This actually lead to a shortage of banana in Japan.

Tried to eat banana lately... but too bad, this diet never seems to work for me... though I am thankful because having a habit on eating bananas helps me restore normal bowel!

Experts say there is no magic food that will lead to weight loss and the trend is more a fad than a successful diet.

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