Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Date with Sachan!

Long time no seeeee! Talagang napakabusy lately especially these days maraming preparations at intindihing trabaho coz less than 2 weeks from now, I will visit to my home land... the Philippines!
Sooo... last Wednesday after my radio recording... I rushed going to Niigata City to meet Sachan.
Well, as parents... we are now compulsory to visit them... mainly to see to it if they are looking good and of course... to help them out working and helping their household choires because according to the university's parents meeting ... their studies are getting very tough! So, we need to give them some rewards and a little treat!

Sachan and I had our dinner date in Bandai

Teramise waffles

A gift from Sachan

I made easy obento for Sachan... hisashiburini!

Sunset at dawn from Sachan's veranda↓

Sachan invited me to Izakaya downtown... that was fun and we enjoyed our drinks, foods and our chattings...


Salmon with avocado... 'love this appetizer!

We're on our second round... having a good time!

More... drinks...

more... foods!

↓The designated trash bag in Niigata City. Good for the foreigners out there... it's translated in other languages too.
... and they properly put the garbages inside the net container. Too bad for the crawls! They can't mess it anymore!

↓Got the chance to see the locomotive train at the station.

Goodbye Niigata!

Then... with Sachan, we went back home together in Shizuoka on Saturday afternoon. She had this reservations on her hair style, pictorials and other preparations for her SEIJIN SHIKI (Coming of Age Day Ceremony) . Wooow... it's too busy and costly!

Lucky's new "room"↓ ↓Our KINMOKUSEI... fragrant orange-colored olive. Rooming around some stores looking for Sachan's hair accessories for her SEIJIN SHIKI!Street performance in Keyaki ... a phantomine brass band in KeyakiShizuoka ODEN festival was also being held downtown though it seems that Shizuoka Ramen Fiesta 2009 in Aoba was more popular... almost all the stall were closed already for they're sold-out.↓While walking along Tokiwa Park↓Sachan went back to Niigata City in the afternoon. We accompanied her inside the station's platform. Well, maybe because of the 3 consecutive days vacations in Japan... maraming naghatid this time lalo na ang mga olds na hinahatid ang kanilang mga grandchildren.
When Sachan gets in the bullet train... I can't stop to have watery eyes... nope... not because I will miss Sachan... I was damn touch to a grandpa na hinanahatid alone ang grandchildren n'ya... talaga namang nagtititigan sila sa isa't-isa na malungkot, walang patid ang mahinahon nilang waving goodbye with matching holding hands pa... as the train moves... the grand pa looks very lonely as well as his grand children... that was very touching scene kaya napaiyak ako!

Well... we will gonna see Sachan again next month in Tokyo! Can't wait! Mwaaaaah (^3^)/*

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