Thursday, April 16, 2009

A day in Ropponggi, Tokyo with friends!

My friend Neri asked me to accompany her to Philippine Embassy in Tokyo for her personal appearance on her passport renewal. She offered me a free transportation fee so... go ahead naman ang Mama MEL ... libre eh! madali naman akong kausapin pag libre! kekekeeeh!
Amie and Liza went with us for the renewal of their passport too. Sooo... we were four members who went to Tokyo yesterday!
One of our unforgetable experiences was when we reached Ropponggi Station. When we went out to Exit 3, there were two detectives who blocked our way... showed their badges and asked us to show our ID's! Later on... the detectives became three! We are not guilty anyway because my friends are legally registered Pinoy residents here and I am legally adopted as Japanese by Japan but still... we were embarassed and disappointed to that kind of situations as if we were like fugitives! Sorry na lang for them, we're actually law abiding citizens here in Japan... even in Philippines! They were very kind to let us free after showing them our ID's!

While Neri, Amie and Liza were busy for their passport renewal processing, I went to tourism section of the embassy and asked for some brochures on Philippine cultures. After that, I waited for them at the Embassy's waiting room. I encountered many kababayan who had many problems regarding their passports. Some of them were complaining that it was more than 3 months after they applied for Machine Readable Passport... but still up to now they never received it! That was quite alarming! I hope my friends won't experience that!
Below... the crowded scene of Phil Embassy
Many were complaining about their passport pictures! One of the requirements on passport processing is to bring their passport photos. As expected, according to the written instruction, the applicants bring with faith and confident their own passport photos but they're all shocked and disappointed because upon submitting their photos... the staff rejects them and they were asked to retake them at the embassy's photo ID machine. (meron naman cgurong nakakalusot din... like yung mga naka-chamba!)

Well, the photo ID's of my friends were all rejected too! As to Amie's case, she was forced to took her photos many times because she was asked to show her little ears on screen! Dahil naka-hide ang shapes ng ears ni tita Amie... she put tissue behind her ears in order to let them appear on screen! hehehe! Paano ba i-explain yan! Sus ginoo day!

In short... if that would be the case... mas mabuting wag na lang ilagay sa requirements ang bring passport photos kundi let them require to take them inside the embassy lalo na kung may unexplained instruction na kailangan pa pala sila at higit sa lahat ... para di magastos ... according to most comments.

Well... the trip was fun and interesting! OTSUKARESAMA to all!

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