Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to all!

Let's rejoice!
Happy Easter!
↑Ang Tatlong Itlog... bow m(_ _)m

In connection to this event... Alice invited me to join the Easter Sunday gathering and Fr. Bob Sayonara party in Jonai Catholic Church today... of course, I dropped by there this afternoon. That was my chance to visit the church and had some prayers... ...then after that I went to the Hall to join the fun of the gathering and handed-in my good luck present to Fr. Bob. Wherever you go... good luck Fr Bob!
It's nice to see familiar faces of our kababayan and Japanese friends! Natataranta akong batiin silang lahat dahil kabi-kabila ay puro long time no see nating kababayan and friends.

I am delighted to see Mr. and Mrs. Oishi san... hontouni ohisashiburi desu!I am thankful to Alice for her warm reception! Good luck to you pal and to the rest of the LINK group and our kababayan! 'til we meet again!

On the way home, along Sunpu Park,this breath taking sakura fubuki or blowing sakura caught my attention... 'love it!

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