Monday, April 06, 2009


We were blessed to have a fine weather yesterday. What a perfect day for our HANAMI picnic!
Sumpu Park and down town area were crowded yesterday due to Shizuoka Festival's last day celebration. We were just lucky enough to find a place to hang on for picnic! Thanks to Liza, Jo and Dang who came early for the reservation of our picnic area.

We're on time!

Daidougei performer... Toto

Everyone enjoyed the performance!Be careful kids!Some of the members and friends who joined.Yauchi kun dropped by... ninki da ne!Oppsss... my friends here have something in common... think!! The last batch!Long time no see... Mr. and Mrs. Kawamura sensei!!! On the way home... we passed to Tokiwa Park While waiting for Sarah! We happened to see Sheila with kids in the park. The sakura were awesome... bonding of friends were great... the games and daidougei were fun... the foods were fine... the picnic was a blast!

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