Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Blessings pa more!!! ;-)

Happy Boy's Day Japan!!!
Still on holiday!

I was invited to Nissan Shizuoka to their event today...
There was a Bingo event in the afternoon but i came late with my sis Leng and kricel.
Uncle Jo and Dang were there waiting.

We're late but our car agent Ken kun still gave us a chance to play ... and alas ...
I won something -- a collectible item of One Piece!
I actually don't need it but Kricel told me that her brod Emil was collecting it ...
So i gave it to Emil as a present.
Emil phoned through Messenger and was so excited and happy that i will give that collection to him ... You'll have it soon Emil !!! 
We also received some give aways like confectionaries and tons of tissue papers :P

Thanks be to God for the blessings .... and speaking of blessings ...

Good luck to my niece Dang ... 
she did not get anything from Bingo but she bought a Days Roox car ... lol
There's no plan and never expected ... just it happened that very day ^_^

Claim it Dang ... u deserve to have it! 

Looking forward to have a ride!  

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