Sunday, May 03, 2015

Spring visit to Sylvanian Village

Sylvanian is one of Sachan and my collection since Sachan was a kid. 
We stop collecting it when our home got no space for it to display... 

but still we are a fan of it!   
My sis Emily is also a fan of it ... 
and one of her wish is to visit Sylvanian Village and show it to Kricel.
So today ... we went to Grinpa in Fuji where one of there main attraction is the Sylvanian Village. 

 the beautiful tulip field ... 
 Emily have been here on winter where she and her son Emil enjoyed the snow ...
this time she enjoyed the spring of Grinpa xx

Yaaay ... i want this series!

We went here straight from church service ...
and we did not know it's so cold here today... brrrr
But still we had a good time!

more pics in my FB account  ;-)

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