Saturday, May 02, 2015

Play time!

It's a beautiful day today ... so my whole family went driving to Fujinomiya up to Mochiya ... 
Then we went to the playground for Kricel sake ... 
As to be expected ... she was super excited ... so with the adults! 

One thing you should not miss in Mochiya is their super yummy mochi or rice cakes

My loving daughter and niece xx

I thought the place is only a playground ... i did not know everyone can camp or picnic here too.
This place is also a dog run ... and can play golf too...

 Here is the energetic kid!

At long last ... Fuji san showed up before we leave

We visited Makaino Ranch too ... 

We are blessed to see Mt. Fuji too

mono pod time!  Yeeey Kricel ... u did great xx


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