Friday, June 05, 2015

A surprise Treat to Kricel in Sanrio Puroland

Aside from Elsa and Ana ... another fav character of my niece Kricel is Kitty... so since she is in the land of Kitty, orig character of Japan ... i told her mom (my sis) that i will treat them to Sanrio Puroland as my secret present to Kricel. 

Kricel have no idea that we will go to Sanrio today ... we said we will just go out shopping around Tokyo ... 

But when we reached Tama Station ... she noticed right away the promo banners and boards of Sanrio Puroland. 
Her face became excited... telling us that maybe the Sanrio land is there and began inviting me and her mom to visit there ...
at first we are saying ... noooo we wil not go there ...
But she is very eager ... " we are here already ... let's take this chance ! ", she said  lol 

So finally... i admitted that we are actually going there and it was supposed to be a surprise ... and learning that we will go there ... she was overwhelmed of joy!
Here she is that moment! ↓

SANRIO PUROLAND is an indoor amusement park located in Tama New Town,  30 minutes from Shinjuku, Tokyo.
Since it is indoors you can go there regardless of the weather and enjoy the ambiance of HELLO KITTY's world with attractions, games, shows, and of course special food and lots of items for shopping, including Puroland limited items like watches and bags created especially for adults with very stylish designs!! 
Sanrio's 40th anniversary

 My Melody Shop

Sanrio Character Boat Ride 

Our souvenir photo from the ride


Meeting with Kiki and Lala 

Hi poseee!

Wisdom Tree

 Charm for happiness ... huge !!!
 Happy Bell

Musical Comedy ...

 Lady Kitty House
The famous celebrity Hello Kitty welcomes her friends and Kitty fans all over the world in Lady Kitty House.

 Meet Kitty! 

K for Kricel?  and S for Sachan? :P

~My Melody & KUROMI~ Mymeroad Drive
The Eco Melody Car, designed by Melody’s rival Kuromi, will take you around MARILAND.

Japanese pan cake game! 
 Welcome cards for new visitors ... i am not new but i still got mine :P

 So many parade shows ..
Illusions of Light Fantastic「Miracllusion★」

 Shopping time!

If Kricel enjoyed todays adventure ... me and my sis Leng also enjoyed it a lot :)
My souvenir to my daughter Sachan ...
 a leather band from Sanrio Land ... made in Canada lol

On the way home ... satisfied!  
 Kricel's souvenirs 

 Finally with ate Sachan after her work xx 

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