Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Visiting Chibi Maruko chan

Japan is a manga and anime superpower. There are many facilities related to manga, anime, and special effects work throughout the country, where you can immerse yourself in the world of your favorite works.

 Here's the one i am going to introduce to you ... the pride of Shimuzu District ... 
Chibi Maruko chan ... 

 On the way ...

It's a fine Thursday!
Shimizu S-pulse Dream Plaza

Chibi Maruko-chan Land is a facility related to “Chibi Maruko-chan”, located in the commercial complex “S-Pulse Dream Plaza” in Shizuoka City, where sets from the series, including the school and the interior of Maruko’s home, are reproduced. It consists of various areas such as one where you can try games or sand painting and one where you can buy small snacks.

The set

Sakura family's home

Maruko's dad ... Hiroshi.  He likes drinking but he is a good dad.  

Maruko's grandfather and mother 

at the door reception of the house ... with Maruko's mom.
She scolds Maruko always for being lazy and disorganized.  But she is kind and responsible mom. 

Maruko's sister, Sakiko ... they always fight together but they get along well

The school  

Maruko's homeroom teacher ... not my sis Emily but the one on the right side,  Sir Hideyuki Togawa  

Whaaat ... horrible answer! 

I know ... i am small 

The playground image 

Chibi Maruko-chan is originally a cartoon about a comical primary school girl “Maru-chan” modeled after a real girl “Sakura Momoko” in old Shimizu City, Shizuoka and it has been animated and broadcasted to this day. “Sakura Momoko” is also the author of “Chibi Maruko-chan” and has ever made the city of “Shimizu” known throughout Japan
Maruko and her best friend Tamae chan

 Tamae chan's dad ... he like taking pic of her daughter ... catch u Honami san! 

 what's funny???

classmates profile

Shizuoka image and pride ... Mt Fuji, Japanese tea and Mikan
Matsubara image ... with Maruko chan and her mysterious classmate Noguchi san ...
opppsss there is another strange character at the back!!! 

school lunch

otsukaresama deshita ...

Hope you can visit the place ... it was fun!!! 

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