Monday, June 29, 2015

Thank you Lord for another birthday!

Thank you so much to each one of you who took time to greet me and message me on my different account... and also to all my family and friends who dated and partied for me. 

You all made me special on my birthday ... 
you're all a blessing to me and i am feeling the love xx
... Bless you all!!!

feeling blessed

Sweet surprise present in one from my loving daughter ... for mom's day, dad's day and my birthday ... "love u Sachan " — feeling loved at Sangria Spanish Restaurant.

The birthday message from my daughter is the most touching gift i received ... perhaps the best love letter i received ever... i can't help my tears to shed while reading it.
Thank you so much for everything Sachan ... 

my life is not that long enough and i might be away from you from time to time
but remember this ... 

you're all i have and i will always run to you every time you need me ... no matter what ...
i love you very much precious xoxoxo

Well, this is the 5th cake I received so far ... and it seems there are more to come... i love cakes but not this too much lol  

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