Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentine's Day is for families too!

I had a busy day yesterday ... but an awesome one ... 
I went to Sunday Worship Service in the morning ... then went to Shimizu for a meeting in the afternoon in one of our upcoming activities ...after that, since it's rainy day ...  i decided to go to Cenova for a walk around the mall.  

I found this leather shop ... and they have this trial to make or engrave your own arts on any leather goods u can buy.  I decided to try it in a red leather arm brace ... i thought it's just an easy stuff to engrave names on it ... hmmm, my work was a very poor one heheh ... needs more practice!!!  Maybe next time ... i will make another try.  
But even it was a poor one ...  i love it ... it's my own work anyway ... love your own :P 

Then after that ... i went up on more stories ...when i reached 4th floor ... Yuta kun saw me and pointed at me saying ... it's mama Mel!!   I was surprised to accidentally see Sarah, Dang, uncle Jo, Yoshihiro kun who were with Yuta kun that time ... and they said they also just bumped each other inside Cenova.  They were dating for Valentine's Day... and finally decided to watch a movie together.  They invited me to join them ... when i asked what movie ... they said Starwars 7 ... so i said oh yessss ... i always wish to see that movie since December ...  so there ... we were in group watched the movie!  Just too bad ... the movie story is to be continued ...grrrrrrr  ... Maybe i better read the book ... hahah! 

N'way ...Sarah and I was supposed to have a date today but she got date with his son Yuta ... so we thought our date was cancelled ... so with Dang and uncle Jo ... they supposed to have a couple date only but end up in a family date!  
God is really good ...  He made the chance so we could be all together ... 
It was a funny Valentine's Day family date!!!  


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