Friday, March 16, 2007

Celebrate with me!

Hello folks! How's your life rollin'?! Mine is quite hectic these days. Imagine it's March already... but finally... I'm glad I find time to blog!
Well... the month of March for me is almost a month to celebrate... to start with...

March 1 was the graduation day of my daughter from Senior High School. After the graduation rites to their school... we proceeded to Century Hotel for the graduation party. It was a different experience for me compared to Philippine graduations... or maybe, I am not just used to formal celebrations. Anyway, that was a memorable event... especially for my daughter of course! Congrats to my daughter and also to me because I also graduated from my 6 years obento or packed lunch making every morning! Probably... I'll miss it someday! March 3 was the traditional celebration for Hina Matsuri or Dolls Festival. It's an event to pray for the healthy growth and happiness of the girls. It's a tradition for a family who have a daughters to displays Hina dolls. My daughter's Hina dolls set, the Emperor and the Empress dolls was a present from her grand parents since her 1st Hina Matsuri celebration and the single Hina doll was a gift from her aunt.
This year, inspite of our busy scheds, we are lucky to remember to display my daughter's Hina dolls one week before the main celebration... but the worst thing we did not remember was to celebrate the day of Hina Matsuri. We used to offer some snacks and other traditional confectionaries to Hina dolls but this year... hontoni... nani mo NAI desu!The next day, after the Hina Matsuri... I asked my hubs and daughter to put away the dolls already because there is an old superstitions that when the Hina Matsuri is over, the displayed dolls should be put away. If not, my daughter will find trouble to marry someday! Even I should not believe on that stuff... I think there is no harm to try to live with that superstitions!

Japanese sweets for Hina Matsuri courtesy of Ohashi san!

The following week, I had a call to report at the Legal Affairs Bureau... and I was surprised that I finally got my Japanese citizenship! Woww, that was too past! Imagine, Japan adopted me already! I'm glad... but at the same time... sort of sad! It was a mixed feelings... I don't know... anyway, I can handle this... I did this because I know what I'm doing... besides... my family counts first and I love Japan for sure! I consider this land as my new home already!

My lucky angel chime!

I also enjoyed this week dating some friends like friends from EGG group, Ohashi san, Kanayama san and Lee san. I dated them to Philippine Restaurant in Tambayan last March 7. I seldom had a date with Japanese friends and I did had a great night talking and laughing with them. They are very interesting and warm. It was their first time to Philippine restaurant. I'm happy coz they said that they like the Philippine foods... I hope that was not only a flattery words... though the foods were really tasty especially the shrimps with coconut milk.
I expect to have a date with them again in the near future... maybe on June... desho?!

Another great things to celebrate in my family was when my daughter finally decided the university she wants to enroll in! Yap!... she'll be a dental college student this spring in Niigata! OMEDETOU!
However, the sad part is that she will be a distance away from us and this will be a new experience for us ... gosh, she will live away from us! Just to think of it... I feel lost already (arte ba?!)
Anyway, don't be surprised if one day... I am already living with my daughter in Niigata! nyaknyaknyak!

More on good news... last Sunday, March 11... our voluntary group, the Philippine NAKAMA sponsored the free labor and consular consultation of Philippine Overseas Labor Office and Consular Affairs of Philippine Embassy in Tokyo.
There are 3 labor representatives... Welfare officer, Saul de Vries, Victoria from OWWA and the friendly secretary, Mayet Lumawag while from the Consular was Consul Bong Carino. The event was attended by about 50 kababayans, friends and families. That was a very interesting and informative event that I felt sooo sorry to all our Shizuoka kababayan who missed that consultations.
I salute all the guys behind the success of the event. That was really a great job indeed!

Speaking of event... last March 14 was White Day? A day invented by Japanese for men to reciprocate the gifts they received from Valentine's day.
I am thanking all the guys who gave and send me their giri or obligatory gifts in exchange to the gifts that I gave to them last Valentine's day. Thanks a lot for the favor especially to the kids... that was sweet !
I also did the same thing to all the folks who gave me giri choco last Valentine's... sounds strange deshooo?!

By the way... regarding SAME's radio program, "Take Five"... we already finished this Wednesday our recordings for March . The said program is being aired at night 7:45 to 8:00. However, starting April... we are going to air the program in the morning, from 6:50 to 7:00! Listen to our morning voices!
Matcha (powdered green tea), shouyu (soy sauce) and lemon candies from Yauchi kun!
Then... yesterday... after my daughter and my business at ID photos and City Hall, my daughter invited me to shop for her new clothes. We end up inside the new shopping center in town... the Parco! It's the opening day... so no doubt it was crowded! Well... my daughter seems to enjoyed shopping... I felt I was being hold-up by my own daughter, sigh! Lucky me...when we got home, I was saved by my hubs... because he almost paid the amount that was being hold-up to me!

That's it then folks ! hoping you all have a lovely weekend and stay happy. I will be at Leah's birthday celebration in Tambayan on Sunday afternoon... hope you can join us!

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