Sunday, March 18, 2007

Sunday afternoon in Tambayan

Last week... Leah phoned and invited me to join her birthday bash party in her restaurant... Tambayan. Actually, her birthday is tomorrow but she decided to celebrate it today... coz many of her friends are free to come during Sundays.
Wooow... there were lots of foods and drinks as to be expected and of course, since it's the owner treat to's ON THE eat all you can till you explode system!!!  
I tell you, kare-kare was very yummy! Leah told me that it's her fave... well... that's one thing we had in common... it's my fave too! Lucky for her that she can cook such tasty kare-kare... inggit ako!
I've encountered many kababayans and friends... old and new faces... they seems to come and go! eat and run!
The birthday celebrant! Happy birthday♪Leah blowing her bday cake!Special bday song number from uncle Jo!
Another great thing happened to me in Tambayan is the chance that I was able to attend the JOB-- Jesus Our Banner's prayer gathering. I enjoyed the bible lecture of Pastor as well as the Christian songs and their sharings. Spiritually wise... it's pretty refreshing! I hope I won't missed their anniversary celebration on April 29.
Group shot from our table!

Mona... watch out! you're gaining!

↓ A treat for my brod Teddy... with his fave sexbomb girls!

That was it! It was a wonderful birthday party and a good prayer and sharing gathering... and I'm glad to have joined them. What a day! Thanks be to God!

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