Saturday, March 24, 2007

Thanks to the rain!

It's raining today and it's gonna rain tomorrow so our Philippine NAKAMA group postponed our Hanami Kai or cherry blossom viewing picnic tomorrow at Sumpu Park. Instead, the picnic will be on next Sunday, April 1st!
Actually, we should be thankful that our picnic was cancelled this Sunday due to rains because the sakura will fully bloom next week and yeah... aside from that ... next Sunday is also the last 3 days celebration of Shizuoka Festival! While we are enjoying our picnic next Sunday... we can also enjoy the traditional parade of Shizuoka Festival! OTANOSHIMINI!
Let's hope... the rain won't spoil that day!
Here's the present condition of some Sakura trees in Shizuoka City area...
cherry buds (along Tokiwa Park)
blooming sakura (along Sumpu Park)

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