Saturday, March 17, 2007

Chounaikai general gathering

This year, our chounaikai-- neighboorhood association held the general gathering at Oodo Japanese Restaurant in Komagata and it was well attended.
At long last... from this month... my one year term as kumicho--a leader, together with Suzuki san was over! That's what our gathering was all about... a gokorosama gathering or a thanks for a work well done...then we turn over our duty to the next kumicho!
This is only the 1st round of the menu!
After our chounaikai gathering... I didn't expect that my family are still waiting for me to have dinner in Royal Host. Wow... that was sweet but I am full already... so I decided to order a dessert only. I was surprised to the strawberry parfait that the waitress brought on our table... it's huge!
It looks so delicious but my stomach wants to throw up!
It was a new experience to me as kumicho in my neighboorhood. I was incharge to the monthly collection of our membership fee. Seasonal, I roamed around the neighboorhood to collect our membership fee. It was a good chance for me to personally meet, encounter and talk to my neighboorhoods... a chance to know them better... and I felt that through that chances... I became more closer to them. Here's our personal chounaikai box which I am going to hand in to our next kumicho after our cleanup duty in our park tomorrow.

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