Thursday, November 08, 2007

Time travel with Steam Locomotive

Liza and I had a wonderful adventure today. Actually we planned to go to Ikawa for sight seeing but going there takes about 3 hours by bus or train, so due to our limited time, we just finally decided to experience riding the steam locomotive (SL) in Kanaya. The steam train run on the main line of Oigawa Railway and passes along Oi River. It took us about one and a half hour trip from Kanaya to Senzu. Ready to board!
Inside the old train↓ An old woman?! Nope... don't mind her!
Oikawa furusato bento... ↓
This was tasty and filling!
From the window of the locomotives... during our peaceful trip... we were able to enjoy a scenic view of grean tea plantations, the lovely natures of Oi River, the mountains and some local typical houses.
Smokes coming out from SL... powered with water and coal↓We're in Senzu Station! Autumn leavesfreshly picked mushrooms↓Giant faucets... it also produces interesting sounds! ↓Metal organ?It's autumn!Time to go home!Hand-made craft
See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil! ↓On the way to Ikawa→! Steam Locomotive at Sensu Station↓We rode on the ordinary train on our way back to Kanaya Station↓This train is also cool!Kawane's tea plantation and tea drink↓Taking a nap↓... hoooy gising!
Ang poise titahhh!!! The train is not yours!Some coal ... our omiage! At present, steam locomotives are very rare in Japan and they are still existing more for tourist attraction. It was really a unique experience for me to be able to ride on a real steam locomotive. Somewhat... there is something fascinating about this black locomotives... I had this nostalgic feeling!

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